County of Hillsdale Policy on Providing Services

The County of Hillsdale is committed to provide all programs, services and activities to all persons on a non-discriminatory basis including those that have or are perceived to have a disability.

In all cases, every attempt will be made to provide access to the program, service or activity.  If direct access is inconvenient to the person requesting the service or impossible for the county, alternatives may be exercised.   These alternatives include, but are not limited to, providing the service by mail or fax, providing the service in a county facility that has direct access, providing the service at curbside or delivering the service to the requesting person at his/her residence or other location.

Any person who knows the department or agency that provides the desired program, service or activity may, and is encouraged to, contact the appropriate department or agency directly.  Each department or agency will attempt to make appropriate arrangements to provide the service.

Any person who is unaware of the procedure for obtaining service from the County of Hillsdale or who may need assistance of any kind to participate in any program or activity is requested to contact the Hillsdale County Clerk by telephone at : 517-437-3391 or by mail to: Hillsdale County Clerk, Courthouse Room #1, 29 N. Howell Street, Hillsdale, MI 49242

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